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May 20, 2019

ABYG: Making Time to Listen

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In this episode, I’m joined by my friend Laura Solis. I thought it was time to talk to a mom of girls and Laura has three so it was a perfect fit! As a bonus, her middle daughter Ruby joined us to share a college student’s perspective on this transitional phase of life.

Join me on social media or in the comments on the website. I want to hear from you. How are you coping in this season? What’s the Lord teaching you?

Increasing in Him,

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April 22, 2019

ABYG: You are Enough

In this episode, I’m joined by my best friend Dionne. Be sure you subscribe to our new feed – search for And, Before You Go in Itunes, Stitcher, YouTube or Spotify.

Increasing in Him,

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April 18, 2019

ABYG: A Dad’s Perspective

In this episode, my husband shares his thoughts on what our boys need to know, how they need to grow and a place he’d like to go with Brandon, our next son to leave the house.

Increasing in Him,

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April 6, 2019

ABYG: Know, Grow, Slow

Well, the boys are much older now. We’ve traded in our Children’s Bibles for iPhone Bible apps. The oldest has left the nest and is off on his own at college. We’re in a new phase of parenting. Now, we are now launching young adults into the world. What a weighty responsibility! While we are still teaching our kids the Bible, we realize our daily time with them is rapidly coming to an end. And, before they go, there are some things we want them to know, some ways we feel they need to grow and we are praying the time goes by slow(ly) because there are places we still want to go. So, I’m launching a new site and a new podcast with that focus in mind. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, then your kids are in a similar stage and you probably feel the same as we do.  If you’re still raising littles, we don’t mind if you listen in – because one day – sooner than you realize, you’ll be at this stage too. Listen to episode 1 and let me know what your big 3 are for your child.

Increasing in Him,

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January 2, 2012

Moving From Milk to Meat

Wow, has it really been that long? When I started this blog, my kids were 8, 6 and 3. Now they are 11, 9, and 6. Time sure does fly by!

I haven’t really blogged here much because I didn’t think anyone was reading this page. But for some reason, I’ve been constantly drawn back to this blog over the years and I’ve decided to give the TKTB blog another go.

Since I’ve been away for a while, I suppose a bit of an update is in order. Honestly, not much has changed in the last 3 years. We (my husband and I) still love God, each other, and our kids. Our goal to impart Biblical knowledge in our kids lives has not changed. I will admit that as my older kids outgrew their children’s Bibles I have been very lax on dedicating specific time that is our Family Devotion Time.

But of course with the beginning of a new year comes renewed determination. Which has partly brought me back to this blog.

I love being able to go back and read this chronicle of my life and I really don’t want to leave the details of this next phase out!

In one of my resent Bible studies we were reading the book of Hebrews. The specific passage that stood out to me was Hebrews 5:12

In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again. You need milk, not solid food!

What a strong reprimand for many Christians today. After reading and studying our Bibles for years, we are still just reviewing and consuming the “elementary truths of God’s word all over again.”

This passage was so convicting for me in regards to my Biblical instruction with my children. I have honestly ONLY been actively teaching them the “elementary truths”. And I STRONGLY feel God calling me to move them from Milk to Meat!

My oldest is 11.  He know, believes and confesses that Jesus is the son of the True and Living God and that He died to reconcile all who believe back to the Father. He understands the Trinity and believes in the Holy Spirit.

But its time to move from belief to faith in action. Am I teaching him to yield to the Holy Spirit? Am I teaching how to treat his body as the temple of God? Am I showing him through my actions and instruction that God desires our complete and total submission to His will so that we may enjoy abundant life?

Just typing those words makes me see and feel the weight of what God has called me to do as a parent.

I hope to chronicle our journey here on this blog.

Are you moving your children from Milk to Meat? Please share with me in the comments.

Increasing in Him,

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January 6, 2009

Hello – Is there anybody out there (there… there…)?

Hello? Is there anybody out there?

I’d love to provide you with the support you need to effectively share the Bible with your children. But you guys are really quiet – I mean painstakingly quiet…

Can you tell me the type of resources you need?

You can click the comments button below – or if you feel more comfortable with email, you can send me an email at news @ teachkidsthebible.com

Increasing in Him,

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January 1, 2009

A New Year – A Renewed Determination

Wow! Another year has come and gone. I can’t believe how quickly time is passing.

We have one major goal for our family in 2009. 

Consistent Family Devotion

We want to have a consistent time of Bible Study in our home with our children. Our older boys are pretty well versed in the stories in their children’s Bibles as we’ve been reading from them for several years now. So in 2009 my husband will be leading a time of devotion for our entire family (that means we will be including the 3-year-old, much prayer will be needed).

We are going to move beyond Bible stories and talk more about Christian Beliefs, Christian Character and Christian Disciplines.

I’ll share the lessons here for those who are interested.

Our biggest challenge is picking a day/time for the devotions. Since my husband is a firefighter, he’s not home everyday and his scheduled days fluctuate every week. Please pray that we do not allow scheduling problems to stop us or quench our fire!

Do you have a goal of implementing and becoming more consistent with your family’s devotion in 2009? Please click on the comments and share your thought on what will work best for your family – as well as the challenges you may face in reaching this goal. I’d love to join you in prayer.

Increasing in Him,

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December 6, 2008

Keep Christ In Christmas Carol Contest

CarolO Come All Ye Faithful
What Child Is This
O Little Town of Bethlehem
Away in a Manger
Silent Night

Don’t you just love Christmas Carols! I could go on and on listing my favorite songs of this season.

I love to hear these songs (all year round really). And I love to hear children sing.

Seems like the perfect time and perfect combination for a TKTB contest…We are bringing back the Keep Christ in Christmas Carol Contest!

We did this in 2006 and it was so much fun.

It’s easy to enter and your child could win some great prizes!

Entry is easy:
1. Call 888-294-1058
2. Introduce Your Child (Name & Age)
3. Let your child sing a Christmas Carol about Jesus
    (example: Silent Night, Away In A Manger)

Entries will be taken until Friday, December 12, 2008
Voting will be held from December 13-15, 2008
Winner(s) will be announced on Tuesday, December 16 so that prizes may be delivered by Christmas.

-The contest is open to children of all ages.
-The songs must be about Jesus (ie, Jingle Bells will not count)
-All entries may be used on the TKTB Podcast and the TKTB Keep Christ in Christmas CD.

-The winner(s) will receive a $35 ChristianBook.com Gift Certificate -A Children’s Bible with their name inscribed.
-Their Christmas Carol rendition will be featured on the TKTB podcast and featured on our TKTB Keep Christ in Christmas CD.
-The Prize List is still growing, so check back soon for more!

Don’t wait around, pick up the phone today! I can’t wait to hear your kiddos sing! Hear our 2006 winner here. 

(Interested in sponsoring this contest? Email news @ teachkidsthebible.com)

Increasing in Him,

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November 27, 2008

It’s Thanksgiving….GEEZ!

We went to my sister’s house tonight for a little pre-Thanksgiving gathering and when we arrived there, guess what they were preparing to do???

They were putting up their Christmas tree!!!


Who are these people (if it’s you, I’m so sorry!) who put up their Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. One at a time people! I can’t work this fast.

Before we’ve had any turkey and gone around the table to say what we are thankful for, many of you are already stuffing Christmas stockings!

My kids asked on the way home if we were going to put up our tree tonight and I said “NOOOO!!!! Not going to happen!” I’ve got to take the holiday season one day at a time – of no trees shall trim before their time.


Increasing in Him,

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October 25, 2008

Have I Become A Prude?

I took my sons to see High School Musical 3 last night and we had a blast! I loved the singing and the dancing. I found myself clapping after every musical selection.

I did have one complaint. I think some of Gabriella’s dresses and skirts were too short. When she’d spin and dance they would come dangerously close to showing too much. In fact, one time Taylor did show to much in my opinion on one of her dance moves.

Most of the kids who love HSM are 10 and under. Knee length skirts would have been more appropriate right? Which makes me ask myself “Have I become a prude?”

Really, I enjoyed the movie. I would have been happier with longer skirts, less closeness between Troy and Gabriella, lose the passionate kiss, and don’t have Troy take off his shirt and we would have a true Disney movie! Like the ones I watched when I was under 10…

Increasing in Him,

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