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February 16, 2007

What! He’s Not Saying Grace!

I can’t remember how the conversation started, but I asked my oldest son if he blesses his lunch at school. And he laughed and said no.

I don’t know why I assumed he gave thanks when we aren’t around. I guess that was wishful thinking.

My husband told him “I’ve seen what they serve at your school, and you should definitely pray before eating that food.”

I thought maybe he doesn’t say grace at school because at home – the boys have a song they sing to bless their meals.

So I told him he didn’t have to sing a song - he could just close his eyes and say in his head “Thank you Lord for this food.”

He said and what if other people start to do it too?

I told him, then God will be very pleased — and mommy will be too.

Just think, we could get prayer back into schools, one meal at a time!

Increasing in Him,

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