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October 25, 2008

Have I Become A Prude?

I took my sons to see High School Musical 3 last night and we had a blast! I loved the singing and the dancing. I found myself clapping after every musical selection.

I did have one complaint. I think some of Gabriella’s dresses and skirts were too short. When she’d spin and dance they would come dangerously close to showing too much. In fact, one time Taylor did show to much in my opinion on one of her dance moves.

Most of the kids who love¬†HSM are 10 and under. Knee length skirts would have been more appropriate right? Which makes me ask myself “Have I become a prude?”

Really, I enjoyed the movie. I would have been happier with longer skirts, less closeness between Troy and Gabriella, lose the passionate kiss, and don’t have Troy take off his shirt and we would have a true Disney movie! Like the ones I watched when I was under 10…

Increasing in Him,

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