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April 6, 2019

ABYG: Know, Grow, Slow

Well, the boys are much older now. We’ve traded in our Children’s Bibles for iPhone Bible apps. The oldest has left the nest and is off on his own at college. We’re in a new phase of parenting. Now, we are now launching young adults into the world. What a weighty responsibility! While we are still teaching our kids the Bible, we realize our daily time with them is rapidly coming to an end. And, before they go, there are some things we want them to know, some ways we feel they need to grow and we are praying the time goes by slow(ly) because there are places we still want to go. So, I’m launching a new site and a new podcast with that focus in mind. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, then your kids are in a similar stage and you probably feel the same as we do.  If you’re still raising littles, we don’t mind if you listen in – because one day – sooner than you realize, you’ll be at this stage too. Listen to episode 1 and let me know what your big 3 are for your child.

Increasing in Him,

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