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September 4, 2008

Let Me Pray, Let Me Pray!

That’s what my 3-year-old says everytime someone says it’s time to pray. It doesn’t matter where we are, home or church or how many people are around.

And it’s always the same prayer.

“Lord thank you for this day. Thank you for this food. In Jesus name. Amen.”

Whether we are blessing our food or closing our Bible study. It’s the same thing.

Sometime he’ll add “Thank you for my brotters.”

But that’s only when they are letting him have his way.

I think it’s awesome that he’s not afraid to pray in any situation. How long do you think this enthusiasm will last?

Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get my oldest to pray. We all wait with our eyes closed for him to begin. Inevitably, I open one eye and give him the “get started boy” look then he’ll say the quickest and fastest prayer I’m sure God has ever heard.

Now that he’s older, 8, I want to spend more time with him individually studying the Bible. I want to spend more time on Christian character with him and less on Bible stories. We’ve been modeling Christian character and he’s been reciprocating – but now I want to make sure he understands the why behind everything – do that it will be in his heart and not just a role that he plays. Does that make any sense?

I think 8 is such a transition year. He’s taller. He’s wiser. He’s able to understand so much more than I ever give him credit for. I don’t want to keep giving him toddler food when he’s ready for a small portion of meat and potatoes.

Anyone else dealing with making this transition? Are we late? Should we have started earlier?

Increasing in Him,

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August 26, 2008

Determined to Get Focused

I am determined to not let my busy schedule get in the way of leading my children to Christ!!!

It’s so easy to put off devotion and prayer time.

It’s so easy to send the kids to read their Bible on their own.

It’s so easy to let the Children’s Ministry do all the work.

But no more!

I’m determined! I’ve decided! This was a decision that I made before my children were born.

What’s happened to me? What happened to my priorities? Geez Louise! Get it to together girl!

All that to say, I’m determined to get focused and get back to the basics – daily time with God with my children.

Has this happened to anyone else? How did you get back on track?

Increasing in Him,

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August 13, 2008

Don’t Quench the Spirit

Have you ever tried to explain this concept to your children?

We have a little devotion book that we started and the lesson for today was from 1 Thess. 5:19 “Do not quench the Holy Spirt of God.”

What was helpful was the boys were told to get dressed for the day and they were disobedient and didn’t follow directions.

After they got dressed, we did our devotion on Quenching the Spirit. I asked them if they ever start to do something and then hear a still small voice telling them to STOP? They all said yes. I told them that’s God’s way of directing them to do what is right.

I told them that quenching the Holy Spirit would be disobeying that still small voice of God and ultimately making God sad. This was the best application of this verse that I could think of – can you think of anything else?

I then asked them why we want to make sure we don’t make God sad. And Brandon, my 6 year old said “Because he made all the clothes even before we were born or any of the people were born – he made all the clothes in the world.”


Oh well, at least he got the first part.

We ended with Bralon praying that we listen to the voice of God when he gives us directions.

Increasing in Him,

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August 12, 2008

A Real Bible

“Mommy, we need a real Bible.”

That’s what my two sons told me after Sunday School on Sunday. Their teacher told them that they needed to bring a Bible that they can look up scriptures in.

“And these Children’s Bibles don’t have books and chapter, they just have stories.”

So we are on the hunt for a good “Real Bible” for them. I’ll keep you posted.

Increasing in Him,

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June 5, 2008

TKTB Revitalization in Progress

Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve posted that I’m sure most have stopped reading. I’m sorry for the long absence.

I wanted to let you know things are changing around here and I’m exciting about what the Lord is about to do!

First, a new episode of the Teach Kids the Bible Podcast will be coming soon. The show will have a great new format and will provide more ideas to inspire parents to share the gospel with their children.

Second, Kids Devotion Junction will be open for the summer with a great ministry for parents looking to bring Biblical instruction to their summer activities.

Third, we are scheduling another thirty-one day reading challenge for the month of July. It was so much fun last year that we decided to do it again.

Also, look for more articles and information to be added to the site in the coming weeks.

Be Blessed!


Increasing in Him,

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December 1, 2007

Best Place For Christian Supplies

08370X: A Midnight Clear, 16 Christmas Cards, One Design A Midnight Clear, 16 Christmas Cards, One Design
By Marian Heath

Box of 16 Christmas cards from Lawson Falle features elegant artwork with the phrase A Midnight Clear…, on the front. Inside greeting: The Light of world draws near. Blessings of love and goodwill this Christmas and always. Inside scripture: The people that walked in darkness have that walked in darkness have seen a great light. – Isaiah 9:2 KJV. Envelopes included. One design.

Increasing in Him,

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November 27, 2007

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown


One of my favorite Christmas cartoons airs tonight on ABC at 8E/7C!

A Charlie Brown Christmas http://abc.go.com/specials/cbrown_christmas.html

I always loved watching the Charlie Brown Christmas Special as a kid, and now I get to enjoy it with my own children.

We’re going to make some hot cocoa and all get under a blanket and watch Charlie teach his friends the true meaning of Christmas. I love the part when Linus starts reading the story of Jesus’ birth from the Gospel of Luke.

Hope you and your family get to enjoy the special tonight.


Increasing in Him,

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November 21, 2007

Everyday is a Day of Thanksgiving: Day 7

Today, I am thankful for my ministry.

Being able to share my life and ideas with you has been a great inspiration over the last year. I’m always thinking of new ways to share Christ with the children – not only for their benefit, but so that I can share with you as well.

Thank you God for the creative juices you have flowing through my vains. Thank you for sending new visitors to this website in pursuit of ways to share Christ with their children. Lord, help their needs to be met and that your children will be blessed!

Thank you for reading along these past seven days.

Please click on the comments and share what you and your children are thankful for this year.


Increasing in Him,

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November 21, 2007

Everyday is a Day of Thanksgiving: Day 6

Today I am thankful for the opportunity to serve God in ministry.

I love working in the ministry at my church. Greeting people with a smile when they enter the church as a member of our Hospitality committee. I also love working with the Women’s Ministry and organizing fellowship opportunities for the women of our church.

It’s a pleasure to be able to touch people’s lives with the love of Christ.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to serve in your earthly ministry!

Increasing in Him,

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November 19, 2007

Everyday is a Day of Thanksgiving: Day 5

Today I am thankful for my family.

I’m pretty sure that I have the BEST husband in the entire world. I just love this man and I thank God that He brought us together. We met in college and when we look back on our lives, we always think about how we could have easily gone other colleges – but thank God he ordered our steps!

And I’m also thankful for my 3 wonderful children. They are the light of my life. They are loving, funny, just plain ole adorable and I thank God for His wonderful gift. I am honored to be their mother.

Thank you God for the wonderful gift of my family!

Increasing in Him,

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